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"After asserting itself exclusively in the national market for two years, the company LASA had Belgium as its first international experience in 1973. Only in 1979 did LASA decide to expand its business to the United Kingdom, France and Norway, which remained in consolidation until 1985. With Portugal's entry into the EEC in 1986, and as a natural consequence of the expansion of the European internal market, it was then possible for LASA to begin doing business in Spain, Germany and Italy, which quickly became very important markets. From 1999 onwards, LASA began to export its products to the USA and Canada, which were later joined by Mexico as well. Business with the Nordic Countries started well early, in 1979, essentially with Norway, to which Sweden, Finland and Denmark were gradually joined. The brands that are part of the LASA Group portfolio were created to respond to the needs and tastes of customers in each market, in depending on trends and consumer purchasing power. The delivery service for all products from the different collections, brands and licenses is ready."